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Iranian Scientific Association of Echocardiography
Iranian Scientific Association of Echocardiography
Clinical Medicine Specialities and Subspecialities
President: Niloufar Samiei
Est. Date: 2007
Registred Member: 84
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Arezou Zoroufian
Arezou Zoroufian

Maryam Moshkani Farahani
Maryam Moshkani Farahani
Alternate Scrutineer

S.Zahra(Mahshid) Ojaghi Haghighi
S.Zahra(Mahshid) Ojaghi Haghighi
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Field of StudyName
Cardiovascular DiseasesHoda Mombeini
Cardiovascular DiseasesNegar Sarrafi Rad
Cardiovascular DiseasesMehrdad jafari fesharaki
Cardiovascular diseasesSakine Hadi
Cardiovascular diseasesDina Ashouri
Cardiovascular diseasesNiloufar Samiei
Cardiovascular DiseasesRozita Jalalian
Cardiovascular diseasesRoya Sattarzadeh BadKoobeh
Cardiovascular DiseasesMelody Farrashi
Cardiovascular diseasesAnita Sadeghpour
Cardiovascular diseasesBahareh Javani
Cardiovascular diseasesMozhghan Parsaee
Cardiovascular DiseasesMorteza Abdar Esfahani
Cardiovascular DiseasesNakisa Khansary
Cardiovascular diseasesFarahnaz Nikdoust
Cardiovascular DiseasesNazanin Amini farshidmehr
Cardiovascular DiseasesAzin Alizadehasl
Cardiovascular diseasesMohammad Sepahdoost
Cardiovascular DiseasesMahboubeh Pazoki anzehaei
Cardiovascular DiseasesArezo khosravi
Cardiovascular DiseasesRaheleh Kaviani
Cardiovascular diseasesAfsaneh Shaban
Cardiovascular DiseasesPegah Joghataie
Cardiovascular DiseasesAbdolhamid Bagheri
Cardiovascular DiseasesKamran Mohammadi
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