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General surgery 
General surgerySetareh Soltany
General surgeryAkbar Pakdel
General surgerySeyed Hassan Seyed Taheri
General surgeryMohammad Sadeghi
General surgeryNasrolah Behjati
General surgeryHormoz Azimi
General surgeryReza Izadi
General surgery 
Thoracic surgery 
General surgery 
General surgeryamir ashrafi
General surgeryFereidoon Mehrabi
General surgerySaba Ebrahimian
General surgeryMohammad Hasan Zargarzadeh
General surgery 
General surgery 
General surgeryMahdi Saber
General surgeryArsalan Azizi Yousef abadi
General surgery 
General surgeryAlireza Rezaee
General surgerySeyed Amir Mirabolfathi
General surgeryAbolghasem Azarinfar
General surgery 
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